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I like that there is an attendant when I visit here. It is a nice personal touch when they greet you for an automatic carwash. They also are sure to help brush off any bugs or dirt patches so the machine can really do its job. There are plenty of vacuum stations, which is nice for clearing out trash and getting rid of sand here in Florida.

Britney Morris - Oct 2019

Awesome car wash! Gets the job done very well. Was in there today and a white Dodge Ram from Polk county gave them crap about the wash not being very good. First of all, car washes don't fix body damage, body shops do! Second of all, if you want a better job done pay $200 to get a full custom detail! Overall the attendant handled it very well and took care of their "complaint". Keep up the good work ya'll!

Trevor Jacobs - July 2020

Ok... to be fair let me say l have used my 2008 Lexus SUV as a truck in my rental housing business.. It takes a dirty beating.. I drop off the car jokingly saying, "I am a pig, so be careful"... I come back to pick up the vehicle and had it not been that the key fit the ignition l would not have believed it was my car... They are masters at their job. Most definitely their full detail clean,, will be one of the most worthwhile investments you will make in your vehicle.. Seeing is believing ..

Greg - 2021

Brought in my wife’s car in for detail and they knocked it out of the park. It was way better then I expected possible with how bad the car was. Will definitely be back!

Cliff - 2021

The 2 men here were so courteous and so pleasant to deal with. I had shown up about 30 min before closing and vacuumed my vehicle. I then washed all the windows and console. One of the gentlemen came out and said we are about close in 3 min. Here's the code for the car wash and we gave you the gold level . He then explained that in this car wash you must put your car into park. Once I finished the two men happened to still be there. They still scrubbed my wheels and gave me a sent booster. I was so impressed with thier customer service that I tipped them 10 bucks! Keep up the great job!

Desie -2021

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