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Our Soaps?

USA Car Wash systems are the most unique in our industry. Long gone are the concerns of our customers for the potential of damage done to vehicles using conventional brushes that scrub more than dirt off your vehicle. We use soap formulated by some of the best​ chemical companies in the US in conjunction with water pressure and some soft foam brushes to loosen and remove dirt buildup on your vehicle’s surface.

Computer Consistency

All our robotic wash equipment is controlled by a sophisticated tunnel computer system with electronic sensors that ensures not only a safe wash but also guarantees a consistent clean car every time you visit.

Enhanced Cleaning

Our Process of Hi-Tech chemicals, mechanical cleaning, buffing and drying with Reverse Osmosis final rinse, (Reverse Osmosis is so clean you can drink the water and all minerals are removed) insures a Safe and High Luster Finish.

Enhanced Waxing and Sealing:

Sun, acid rain, salt, bine, pollen, dirt, bugs and much more damage paint and leave the car dull looking. With a wax and sealer your car will look virtually new. Our Carnauba is a natural wax that fills in voids in paint and adds a high gloss shine. The Armor All or Rain-X sealer/protectant we use, seals in the wax so it lasts longer, gives further protection from harmful environmental effects and helps the water sheet off during the drying process. Does the wax and sealer get washed off with all the water in the washing process? No. Wax and sealer have electromagnetic properties which cause the atoms of both the wax and sealer/protectant to bond to your car’s paint. Water does not wash off or dilute the wax and sealer/protectant in the Wash.

What About Wheels?

We Know Rubber from Chrome, our computers insure the right application of cleaning solutions to the wheels vs. your tires, High Pressure Water, and White Wall Cleaners at the right time to insure each part of your wheel is safely and properly cleaned. Then we apply a tire shine product to add luster to your rubber tires that give your car that new car look.

Are You Environmentally Sensitive?

We pride ourselves in our sensitive use of our water supplies. Most of the water used to wash a car at USA Car Wash is softened, treated and also internally recycled. In fact we use far less water to wash your car (approx. 30 Gals.) than you would use washing at home, which is 162 gallons. Our wash water is composed of three stages, the first is recycled and cleaned water from our site, the second is rejected reverse osmosis which is almost clean enough to drink and the third and final spot free rinse is pure reverse osmosis like you drink at home with no solids in the water. So we save more water than washing your car at home, we recycle it instead of putting it into the sewer and our water is cleaner than the water that comes from your garden hose.

Will My Car Or Truck Fit?

The maximum height of any vehicle is 7″ seven feet. The maximum tire width is 11.5″ at the widest point. USA Car Wash does not take responsibility of non-standard or dealer added options. If you have questions about your vehicle please come by and speak to a location manager.

ALL LOCATIONS: Closed on Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM on other holidays.

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