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about us 

A Dream That Became Reality

Once upon a time there were two men. Their names are Mark and Steve. These two men had lots of dreams growing up. They grew up in different states with completely different backgrounds. Steve was raised in Maryland and went to college. Mark was raised in Pennsylvania and joined the United States Air Force. Mark loved cars, and he even re-built many of the cars he owned. In the Air Force he was an aircraft mechanic. Mark is what people like to call a "motor head" or a "wrench". Steve on the other hand became a very successful businessman. He put his intelligence and talents into becoming a commercial Broker. These two men eventually moved to the little town of New Port Richey where they met at a gym. They quickly became best friends.

Mark shared his dream of owning a car wash with his good friend, Steve. Steve liked the idea and from that moment on, their dreams became reality. They knew they wanted to provide a car wash that was fast with great quality. They purchased USA Auto Wash in June of 2017, and they changed the name to USA Car Wash. They very much enjoy being the owners of a service industry that makes people's lives better. Mark and Steve understand that customer service has to be key! When people leave USA Car Wash, and their car is sparkly and clean, they just feel better.


Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience at our location for our guests, our community & our team. We will execute with a SMILE use extraordinary customer service with both speed and quality.


As a veteran owned company and having veteran employees, we honor and appreciate any and all who served and are still serving.

We would like to thank you for your service! 

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