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About Us 

Family Owned and Under New Ownership!

 In 2024, Barry and Zach, a father and son duo, purchased USA Car Wash. Barry comes from a background of construction, demolition, and environmental services. Zach is currently an attorney who works hard to serve the public of Pasco and Pinellas counties. Our new owners purchased the wash with one thing in mind, bringing a more personal service that was missing from other car washes in the area. Coming from Philadelphia, Barry and Zach have strived to bring a sense of community and quality service that they found in the City of Brotherly Love, down to beautiful Port Richey, Florida. Now, their goal is to provide a wash that goes above and beyond simply pulling your car through the tunnel. When you come to our wash, our customer service team aims to treat you like one of the family. 


Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience at our location for our guests, our community & our team. We will execute with a SMILE use extraordinary customer service with both speed and quality.


We are different from the rest of the car washes you frequently see popping up in the area because we are not a chain. We are family owned and strive to give the customer an experience unique to USA Car Wash and nowhere else. We prep your car before you enter the tunnel. So that means you don't come out with dirty wheels, bugs still on the front grill, or any of the other issues that arise when you go to another wash. With our premium washes, one of our customer service members looks over the vehicle and gives it an extra scrub beyond an automatic tunnel.


Our customers come first and foremost to us at USA Car Wash. We encourage our customers to leave us comments in our inbox on the website about what we can improve for their next visit. We want you to remember the difference we made for you at USA Car Wash. Please do not hesitate to let our customer service members know what we can do for you!

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