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Fundraisers - Contact Us!


USA CAR WASH's fundraising programs are a Profitable & Easy way to raise the money you need right now. Raising money has never been easier!  Simpler and Safer than trying to organize road side car washes and door to door sales. 

A "Turn-Key" Program...

We will provide everything you need and as a fund raising organization, all you need to provide are the contributors who are in need of a clean vehicle! Consider the many environmental, safety and financial benefits of using your neighborhood car wash as a fundraiser.  

Before the event: Publicize and encourage your supporters to visit the car wash. For every customer who gives charity ticket to our attendant,  USA Car Wash will donate a portion of the proceeds according to the following: 40% of the top two washes - Platinum or Gold 

Call our OFFICE (727) 312-5014  to set up appointment for your school or charity event. * Unlimited Member Wash Club not valid for this program. 

Contact Us


Email Address*


Name of Fundraiser/Charity and Details

Starting Month

Here is what you need to do-

1- Fill out form and press SUBMIT

2- We will review your request and contact you within 7 days.

3-Starting month needs to be the first day of the month.

Note: Unlimited Member Wash Club income not available for this program. 

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